Best Albums of 2023

Olivia Rodrigo - Guts

Olivia Rodrigo's "GUTS" is a dazzling sophomore effort that weaves a tapestry of heartbreak and self-discovery through its soul-baring lyrics and versatile musicality. The album, with its infectious pop hooks and Rodrigo's emotive vocals, not only solidifies her status as a pop sensation but also stands out as one of the most compelling and resonant releases of 2023.

Gracie Abrams - Good Riddance

Gracie Abrams' debut album is a masterclass in intimate storytelling, blending poignant lyricism with haunting melodies that resonate long after the last note. With a voice that carries both vulnerability and strength, Abrams crafts an emotionally charged experience.

100 gecs - 10,000 gecs

10,000 gecs is a genre-defying whirlwind that propels the listener into the future of experimental music. With its frenetic blend of hyperpop, glitchy beats, and unexpected samples, the album is a chaotic and exhilarating ride that challenges traditional musical norms, solidifying 100 gecs as pioneers of the avant-garde sound.

Jason Isbell - Weathervanes

Weathervanes is a soul-stirring journey through the complexities of the human experience, as Isbell's poignant lyrics and masterful storytelling merge seamlessly with Americana melodies. "Strawberry Woman" is one of my favorite tracks all year.

boygenius - the record

the record is a collaborative triumph, uniting the formidable talents of Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker, and Lucy Dacus. The album is a poignant exploration of friendship, heartache, and empowerment, showcasing each artist's distinctive voice while harmonizing beautifully in a collective celebration of vulnerability and strength.

Caroline Polachek - Desire, I Want To Turn Into You

Desire, I Want To Turn Into You is an avant-garde marvel, weaving ethereal vocals and experimental production into a genre-defying tapestry that transcends musical norms with striking originality.

Lil Yachty - Let's Start Here

Let's Start Here is a high-energy sonic journey that showcases the rapper's signature exuberance, blending catchy hooks with infectious beats for an unapologetically vibrant listening experience.

Zach Bryan - Zach Bryan

In his eponymous album, Zach Bryan effortlessly weaves a tapestry of poignant narratives, capturing the essence of Americana with soul-stirring authenticity, as his evocative vocals and stripped-down instrumentation forge a profound connection between the artist and the listener.

Petey - USA

USA by Petey is an odyssey, where eclectic indie-pop vibes meet introspective lyricism, painting a vivid sonic canvas that explores the intricacies of modern American life with refreshing originality.